What a week! Here's what happened…

I might be working on something about that for you. Look for more next week!

All that to say - here's what we've been up to this week:

Monday's Happy & Healthy With Kerry Show! Today’s Topic: 10x Your Results. Monday's show starts with some key tips to not overindulge on Halloween candy this week. I spent years feeling guilty because I always ate the Halloween candy in my home. If this is you, please listen to this training and set yourself up to win this year. Staying true to your health goals are Sweeter Than candy will ever taste, I promise.

We also go into KEY STRATEGIES on how you can 10x your ability to hit your results. It starts first in the way you THINK and FEEL.

There is a clear success equation to this and anyone can do this when you have it. This training will help move you forward, so you understand the power that is within you.

Remember, anything is possible and your dreams are lifelines for your soul. No one will prioritize them the way you can. Doing so will light you up from the inside out and help you feel passionate and on target with your life.

You deserve that.

I look forward to hearing your declarations below and thank you for hitting SHARE and getting this message out to support your friends.

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Thursday's Happy & Healthy With Kerry Show! Topic: Having The Mindset To Have It All! Today we dive into the important topic of the “Yes, but...” conversation versus the “And, and...”For example, “Yes I want that in my life, but I can’t because...”Versus... “Yes I want this in my life AND I want that too... and I get to have both!”

It’s a powerful mindset shift that will open up possibilities that you may not be thinking of. There’s no need to put yourself in a box of limiters when your life and desires are involved.

I take you through a real life example from my own life yesterday on this, so you can see HOW to make it happen for yourself too.

Also... it’s Halloween weekend in the USA and a great opportunity to slip up on eating healthy. I give some powerful tips and coaching on this that will help you stay on track, so come Monday you feel proud of yourself. Its not as hard as you may be making it!

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Okay - I'm off to have some Halloween fun with my son.

PS - I forgot! I dropped a GREAT popcorn recipe this week and shared on my blog. We can't stop eating it! Here's the link to it.

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