The REAL story behind your emotional eating (time for a breakthrough!)

We’ve all been there and have all felt nasty after we’ve done it.

Feeling gross from the food itself, but feeling even worse and guilty about letting ourselves indulge. (This is coming from a place of compassion, NOT judgment).

So what’s with our need to check out, numb out, and escape during our day-to-day routine?

Right here right now - I want to help you understand WHY that’s happening.

Let’s get real personal here (cuz your answer will be different than your neighbor’s or the other women in our community). This answer is unique to you, lovely.

Because without knowing the root of why we’re emotional eating, makes it almost impossible to change the habit.

So here’s your challenge:

The next time you want to reach for the chips, make a mindless online purchase, or escape to social media...

Take a moment to think through what was just happening to you right beforehand?

Did something take place that urged you to emotionally eat?

Was it because you’re bored?

Was it because your pantry isn’t stocked with healthy food?

Was it because you’re feeling lonely?

Was it out of exhaustion from a spouse or child?

The goal here is to understand your pattern and the trigger that’s setting off your binge so that you can course correct.

What just happened during that moment of disconnect?

For me, my personal trigger was always due to fatigue.

I’d give myself the story of, “if I go eat, I’ll get more energy, and then I can work longer...”

Too bad that “energy” I was feeding myself was junk - of course it wouldn’t help with my fatigue! Instead, the quick high made me even more tired.

By getting curious about what was leading up to my trigger and really honing in on the WHY behind my emotional eating, I realized that everything was really self-induced.

And knowing that I was single-handily putting myself in the position of constant emotional eating, also meant that I had the power to dig myself out of it. I started to sleep better, got outside for fresh air when I was feeling tired, and learned to feed my body with substantial food that allowed me to think clearly with a full steam of energy.

Here’s the thing...

Whatever thoughts you're believing right now about your need for emotional eating...

...It’s a decision that you’re CHOOSING to believe.

AKA it’s not true, and it's doing you more harm than good.

So together, let’s continue to uplevel our emotional intelligence.

(Because we both know these bad patterns won’t go away on its own. We need to make it a priority in order to have a breakthrough!)

Here’s how you can start:

You know how energy is never created or destroyed, it’s only transformed?

I want you to remember that the next time you reach for your vice.

And instead of funneling that energy towards [McDonald's, the junk pantry, the mall]…

Try to stay present and breathe through it, then shift the energy that’s being directed into wanting to binge, and transform it into something else.

The question to ask yourself is -

What can you choose to do with the energy that's currently making you feel like you want to check out, numb out, and escape? How can you transform that energy into something positive?

And ultimately - what are you more committed to in your life than you are to that cookie, that glass of wine, or those new shoes?

Life is beautiful when you decide to make it that way.

To your health,


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