The ONE word that’s stuck in my head…

Have you ever felt like everyone else has things figured out? Everyone’s but you, that is. Been there, felt that. Well let’s just cut the fluff because nobody is perfect.

There are always aspects of someone’s life that you’ll never see, moments they’ll never document online, or difficult situations hidden behind smiles. So trust me when I say they’re not perfect. And it’s a term that you shouldn’t shoot for, either.

Let’s not strive for perfection.


Let’s strive for amazing.

Let’s strive for unbelievable results.

Let’s strive for being out-of-this-world-HAPPY.

When you remove the need for perfection, you allow room for compassion.

You allow room to be HUMAN.

And when I think about being happy, you know what word keeps coming up for me? RADIANT.

I’m talking about radiantly glowing from the inside out and being happy in your body.

So what exactly is radiantly happy?

Radiantly happy is an internal conversation with no self-judgment.

It’s having the mental strength to bring yourself back to the positive instead of the negative.

It’s a mind that understands self-care is important.

And it’s being calm and at peace with who you are.

Ahh do you feel a weight lifted already just opening that possibility?

Here’s a reality bomb for you...

We’re honing in on the last 75 days of this decade. Let me say that again… the last 75 days of this decade! And I’m not okay if you’re not closing out this decade being radiantly happy. So I’ve put together a value-driven list that will help you become radiantly happy by the end of the decade. In fact, you’ll be well on your way by the weekend.

Yes, sleep is important.

Yes, exercise is important.

Yes, a healthy diet is important.

But that’s not earth-shattering news.

So to kick this up a notch, I’m lining up three out-of-the-norm exercises that are scientifically proven to improve the way you feel. (But you may challenge me on one of them!)

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