The Best Advice I Can Give You...

Your obituary is handed out as people enter the room.

Viewers fill the pews - most stand in the back as space fills up fast.

Your beautiful framed headshot is front and center for all to see.


… No, this isn’t some tasteless prank.

This is a real-life visualization to hear what stories would be shared if you could listen to the service at your own funeral.

What are people honoring you for? What is the legacy you left behind?

Is there a flood of people headed for the mic sharing your empowering, encouraging, invigorating ways?

Are they sharing stories about your passion for life and how proud they were of your inner strength?

And as I lovingly shake you back to reality, this is your moment to realize that you still have the opportunity to write (or change!) that script.

You have the power, right now, to influence the way you carry yourself going forward.

Here’s the best advice that I can give you...

Don’t dwell on things you can’t change in life. Learn from it, and change what you can.


See the blessings that are in front of you, and be in gratitude for the lessons it’s provided.

It doesn’t matter your age, situation, status, or relationship.

You can always rise up.

If you’ve made mistakes in your past (we all have), then become masterful from its lessons - don’t hold onto that pain & mental weight like rocks in your pockets.

This is your permission slip to put yourself first.

To know that self-care is not selfish.

To know that you are capable of creating a life you love, including health, love, and abundance.

When you have a positive mindset toward yourself, others will view you in the same light.

And if you want to transform your legacy, know that you can do it. Schedule a quick 30-minute call by clicking here.

I’m sitting on the other side of your screen, looking into your beautiful eyes (Hiii!), saying yes. You. Can. Do. This.

My team and I are SO ready to help you begin re-writing your transformation story. Meet us for a casual virtual chat so we can offer up the strategies that have worked wonders for the fellow sisters in your community:

We are always on your side.

Your mindset is your future. Connect with us so we can make sure it's an abundant and gratifying one! 💕

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