How To Heal Your Body Without Any Medicine...

Being STUCK is a horrible feeling.

Whether you're stuck in a relationship…

Stuck in a job that’s not satisfying...

Stuck in an unhealthy routine... Stuck in a negative mindset…

It’s tough. I feel you, and I’ve had days when it felt like everything might crumble. And sometimes, they really did crumble.

One thing I found out during my ‘low-times’ was that the moments where I opened up and allowed myself to be vulnerable, were the moments that I felt lighter, less tense, and more at peace with myself.

I began to realize that vulnerability was a free and unlimited resources that could actually shift me from being STUCK to UNSTUCK.

You may be asking how such an intangible concept can be so powerful?

Glad you asked.

  • Vulnerability opens up relationships, breaks down walls, and creates strong, meaningful bonds with others.

  • The more we can express vulnerability, the more we can recognize other people going through the same things. Through this, we are then able to lean on each other and create an incredibly strong support system and community around us.

  • Vulnerability makes your heart happy by letting go of any stress and bottlenecked emotions.

  • By being vulnerable and authentically yourself, your body begins to recalibrate and re-align. Cortisol stays low, digestive issues go away, migraines subside, and you may even experience weight loss(!)

These powerful connections along with mental & physical healing can only happen when you are willing to be vulnerable and are open to change.

So how do you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

Here are three things you can do today to welcome more authentic visibility:

Have and honest conversations with yourself on WHY you feel stuck. Why are you experiencing this emotional and physical pain? Are you holding back in your relationship because you are scared of what they might think? Are you hesitant to take a chance or risk something, for fear of being judged or treated differently? When you know WHY you are feeling a certain emotion (as opposed to ignoring it), you can better diagnosis HOW to overcome it.

Eliminate the belief that vulnerability is a negative action. It takes a great deal of strength and courage to own who you are and show up as that person every day in your interactions. The more we practice vulnerability, the more powerful and confident you will feel.

Share your experiences with those closest to you. Tell them how much you care. Share what you’re going through. Lean into your relationships and trust the bond you’ve formed. In return, being vulnerable allows others to support you through the challenges in your life.

If you allow it, vulnerability is a limitless action that will open up new avenues of increased health, improved relationships, and an enhanced mind & body connection.

So the next time you have a tough day, a hard conversation, or don’t like what you see in the mirror…

You’re encouraged to look within and open yourself up to vulnerability.

It may be the missing mindset shift that opens up your world to health and happiness.

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