Gaining Faith and Losing Weight

A lot of people start their diet with portion control, carb avoidance, if not starvation. Then, there comes the treadmill, jogging, running, gym membership. They search for the latest trends and fall into the traps of fitness fads.

If you are one of those who have tried everything but cannot lose your desired weight or, if you were able to lose some, cannot maintain the progress, I understand your situation. But what you might not understand is, like any life changes, weight loss should start from within – your mindset and belief system.

Our mind is a powerful part of our self. What we believe in radiates through our body. The narrative you keep in your belief system is the story your body and your life follow. So, before we get to exercise the rest of our body, let’s exercise our faith muscles first.

Faith in yourself

Have you told yourself that you are fat because it’s in your genes or your DNA? Have you blamed yourself for not having a healthier lifestyle earlier, when you were younger and had a better metabolism? Do you view yourself as lazy or irresponsible?

If you have started your journey antagonizing yourself, you are basically accepting that being unhealthy is your destiny. Start by giving yourself credit for acknowledging that you need a change and seek help. Have faith that you can make it through. It is easier to stick to your diet and exercise routine when you consider them as acts of self-love and as a display of strength.  One way to keep this positivity is to have faith in yourself.

Faith in your journey

As it is in life, your weight loss journey will never be a paved path. There will be bumps in the road, but having faith in your journey means a shift in perspective. You may see challenges, plateaus, physical pain, among other obstacles as a natural part of the ride and not as a blockage.

Instead of starving yourself, you respect your natural hunger cues. You don’t look at burpees and squats as punishment, you see them as vital requirements. You stay motivated because you have discovered that there is fulfillment. When you have faith in the path you are taking, you keep your head straight and make wiser choices. You don’t go into a rollercoaster of emotions that lead to yo-yo dieting.

Faith in God

Faith in God – may it be a he or a she, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, or whoever it is you believe in – faith in a higher being will further help your fitness journey. When the focus of your journey turns from yourself to a higher purpose, your willpower grows stronger. From a microscopic lens, you will see a bigger picture – that you are destined to transform and influence the people around you.

Believing in the power of prayer will bring you spiritual formidability, wisdom, and tranquillity.  Then, the gratitude you feel will bring more positivity and a better outlook on your life.

When you have faith in yourself, your journey, and your God, you will naturally turn to them for affirmation, contentment, and peace. You will no longer turn to food to fill the void, escape reality, or distract yourself. In gaining faith, you will realize that there is a greater life ahead of you if you keep pushing through.

Your turn! If you are already on your fitness journey, how has your faith been tested? If you have just decided to start losing weight, what steps do you recommend to keep the faith? Let me know in the comments below!

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