Are you ok with this? I’m certainly not 😔

Bad day at work and the bottle of wine is cracked.

Bored at home and Amazon is pulled up.

Fight with the hubby and the chip bag is finished.

Feeling lonely on the weekend and social media is scrolled.

Wait…. what’s with all our emotional binging?

Whether it’s eating, shopping, Facebook… whatever our indulgent is - it’s not uncommon that a simple trigger can set off a whirlwind of checking out, numbing out, and escaping mechanisms.

For me, I was a habitual stress-eater.

I didn’t know how to be with loneliness, grief, or boredom.

I convinced myself I needed more food to stay energized to get me through my tiring workday…

And if my goals weren’t realized yet, I would beat myself out about them [Why haven’t I met a man yet? How come my career hasn’t taken off yet?..]

And my go-to answer was always chips, cookies, or nachos.

But it was only a short-term fix.

And by short-term, I mean seconds. … I’d immediately feel gross, gassy, and guilty afterward. Yuck!

Can you relate at all to the former me?

I think it’s fairly safe to say we’ve all had our moments, so you’re not alone.

And I feel so strongly about this topic that I want to dig down to the root of the problem - the WHY.

WHY are we turning to food for the fix?

What’s going on in our brain and body to drive us to check-out with an indulgence?

What can we do in the moments leading up to the breakdown to negate it from happening altogether?

We’re getting heavy into the subject on Thursday’s email.

Hint: The Law of Energy is going to help serve you a big breakthrough toward your emotional binging.

You’ve got this!

All my love,


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