3 Unique Tips to Hit Your Radiance (don't curse me for #2)

We’ve opened a conversation on RADIANCE this week, and I’m here to close the loop and send you off on your merrily radiant way.

You know I’m a big promoter of sleep, exercise, and healthy eating. But I’m jazzed up to bring you tips from a different, out-of-the-norm angle today. And of course, I only suggest things that I practice! Below are three unique tips that will feed your happiness (#2, literally)...

1. Go for a massage! Booking off 60 minutes for yourself is a bold statement. It means you’ve committed one whole hour of taking care of your body (congrats!). I’ve been burnt out before, and it’s not glamorous - here’s to self-care for the win! Going for a massage is such a soothing way to slow down and connect with your body. For the point of this exercise and our goal towards your radiant happiness, I challenge you to book a light-pressure relaxation massage - suggestions include Swedish, hot stone, or aromatherapy. Because even though there’s a time and place for deep-tissue massage (injury, sore muscles from working out, etc), the added pressure may not allow you to fully relax.

2. Eat Dark Cholocate. Yes, you read that right. And yes, it comes with a warning label. If you’re still in a diet mentality (you’ve got this!) and fear that it may lead you to overeat and feeling guilty - then move along to the next tip. But if you’re confident you can control your intake size, then this is a fantastic option! Organic high-grade chocolate - 70% raw cocoa or higher - can increase oxytocin and boost your happiness levels from the inside out. Just try a little square and BE with this superfood… let it melt in your mouth and appreciate the experience.

3. Cranial Sacral Therapy. This treatment is a form of bodywork that uses gentle cranial touch to cure a variety of health conditions. It’s an especially great option if you don’t care for a full-body touch like massages. This therapy provides trauma resolution work (but you don’t need to have had any trauma to try it) that can improve the functioning of your nervous system, find pain relief, and improve mobility. It’s a treatment that releases the body’s capacity to heal and regenerate itself, and in it’s most raw form - you’re taking time to allow somebody else to hold space for yourself… and that’s worth noting! Fun fact: we put my son through cranial sacral therapy upon birth… yes, I think delivery was traumatic for us both!

It’s great to change up your routine to try something different every now and then! Options like what I’ve provided above give you all the more opportunity to light you up, decrease your stress, and increase your happiness!

As you prepare for your upcoming weekend (and the coming weeks!), I want you to make note if you’ve plugged self-care time into your schedule.

And then take action!

To becoming radiantly happy,

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