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Say Hello To...

perfect health mastery

... a 12-month coaching program designed to guide committed women to reach their vision of total self love, health and happiness - step by step.

Discover how you can completely upgrade how you feel about yourself, expand your thinking in regards to what is possible in your life and massively increase the JOY and LOVE you have!


Kerry Tepedino, Personal Development Expert and the Founder and CEO of Beyond Bliss, Inc, along with her extraordinary coaching team, will mentor you with the strategies, tools, insights and accountability needed to design and live your Big Dream Life.

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your next step...

It doesn't matter how smart or motivated you are, without a strong community behind you, it's easy to give up before you reach your goals and then your dreams will never be realized.


So right now, if you have a good attitude and would appreciate strong guidance to create a life and relationship with yourself that lights you up, then we want to know!


So if you are a woman ready to improve her health, happiness and life... it's time to sign up for Perfect Health Mastery!

perfect health mastery


for you?

Perfect Health Mastery is for women who are ready to feel good in their body, understand their value and worth and are ready to get into action to reach their goals and make their dreams come true. The program requires a 12-month commitment.

perfect health mastery

may be a good

fit for you if you...

  • Have a vision of what you want your life to look like, but aren't there yet.

  • Are ready to overcome all self-sabotage, resistance, emotional blocks and fears about who you are and what you are capable of.

  • Know it's time to develop spiritually and personally, and want the skills to not be taken sideways when life throws you a curveball.

  • Want to feel amazing in your body and empowered about your health.

  • Are ready to be a woman you respect in the world and have the life you dream of.

If any of these are resonating with you,
it's a great fit! It's time to jump on this rare opportunity and reserve your spot, so we can support you in having your best year ever and you don't miss out.

NOTE: If you are a woman that wants a magic pill solution, you are not willing to be accountable for yourself and you're not ready to fully submit to the future you envision, this program is not for you. We are accepting only women that are ready to create the life that they really love.

What you get when you enroll in

perfect health mastery

  • 3 Breakthrough Training Calls every month, focusing on mindset and emotional mastery, and mastering life building skills that lead you to the life you want. Each call is recorded for you, so you have lifetime access.
    (value $5000)

  • Up to 12 Private 1:1 Performance Coaching Calls with Your Private Coach to set personal goals and track your specific progress and results.
    (value $6000)

  • 2 LIVE Two-Day Retreats With Kerry. Accelerate your motivation and enthusiasm as you come together to learn great tools in real-time that take your progress to the next level. (value $5000)

  • Daily access to the Perfect Health Mastery Coaching Team in a private online forum. Get your questions answered, share support and learn from others, and make lifelong friends as you share this rare opportunity of changing your life. (value $3000)

  • Monthly Meal Plans and Guidelines (value $500)

  • Access to Additional Coaching for Mindset Mastery, Emotional Mastery, Relationship to Self, Vibrant Health, Better Relationships and Creating Abundance. (priceless)

In short, Perfect Health Mastery gives you critical mentorship and guidance you need to create the life and health you love - while enjoying the journey! It's designed to build a lasting, solid foundation under your feet, setting you up to be the happiest and healthiest version of you possible, so you can have your Big Dream Life.


  • The “Have It All” Visualization Bundle focusing on creating deeply loving relationships, financial freedom and extraordinary physical health. Kerry recorded these for her VIP clients and handpicked them for those moving into Perfect Health Mastery.  (value: $297)

  • A “5-Day Perfect Health Mastery Prep Course with Kerry” to make sure you know exactly how to jump right into your program prepared to gain all the benefits right from the start. (value $297)

  • INSTANT  access to the exclusive Inner Circle Facebook group for Kerry’s current clients and alumni where you can continue to get daily mentorship from the coaching team and connect with others in the tribe: 
    (value: PRICELESS)


  • One Month Perfect Health Mastery tuition waived (value $997)

  • Know Your Worth Audio to jumpstart how you feel about yourself and what you are attracting in your life (value $197)

  • You-Defining-You Digital Course to jump right into becoming the YOU that you want to be (value $497)

  • Additional Half-Day Private Group Retreat with Kerry for additional exclusive time and extra training (value $3500)

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in bonus value!


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