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“Juicing,” english assignment help a produce-based liquid diet, is a nationwide phenomenon that is sometimes referred to as “cleansing.” One of the market’s top juicing companies is based in San Diego. NBC 7’s Nicole Gomez speaks to Kerry Tepedino, Certified Counselor Of Nutrition, about this health craze.


Kerry is the Founder and Host of the widely acclaimed Global Health Summit, which brings together leading experts on health and wellness. This amazing online event powerfully affects thousands of people worldwide annually.


Kerry is often asked to contribute to other health practitioners that are serving women across the nation to be the fittest, healthiest, and healthiest versions of themselves.


Kerry was invited to first contribute to the Shift Network as their first, and only, faculty member delivering content on weight loss. With Kerry’s proven natural weight loss results, they were excited to launch her Blissful Weight Loss program to their audience of hundreds of thousands worldwide.


Tana Amen, wife to the famous brain doctor, Dr Daniel Amen, is a strong supporter of Kerry and her message of true health and natural beauty to women worldwide. Tana often introduces Kerry’s work to their global audience as it compliments the profound work they are doing at the Amen Clinics nationwide.


The Shift Network invited Kerry to be one of their top experts on their “Winter Of Wellness” event in 2013, alongside top visionaries such as Marianne Williamson, Gay Hendricks, David Wolfe, and others. Kerry is one of the few experts to be invited back two years in a row.


The Inspiration Show is a part of the world famous Mind Movies, a leader in delivering Law Of Attraction information to millions worldwide. As a special guest on their Inspiration Show, Kerry joined forces with them to promote the power of the mind in regards to weight loss.


Kerry has been a repeat guest on the Cindy Laverty Show, sharing powerful information on health and wellness that helps people of all ages, including caregivers to the elderly.