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Terms and Conditions

This Discover Your Sacred Self agreement is made between Beyond Bliss Inc. DBA: Discover Your Sacred Self (“DSS” or “We”) and the undersigned client, (“You”) Beyond Bliss Inc. and You hereby agree to the following:

  1. You are entering into the Beyond Bliss Inc. Discover Your Sacred Self Retreat whereby Kerry Tepedino and her team of Beyond Bliss Inc, will personally provide a 3 day live retreat.

  2. You hereby agree to remit the payments via pre-authorized automatic electronic debt to your banking account or credit card, which will be charged on the dates listed Payments are due regardless of whether or not you fully and faithfully participate. 

  3. While Beyond Bliss Inc is absolutely convinced you will derive great benefits from our DSS Retreat and that You should become as successful as You envision, we of course cannot represent or guarantee that you will attain a certain level of health or mindset as a result of our DSS Retreat.  As with every individual, each success depends on many factors, including your personal motivation, time commitment, how effectively you implement the strategies taught, and your efficiency in following up on each phase. The cost of this program is an “investment” in yourself as a person, and, as with any investment, there is both great potential for a great return on your investment, and a risk there is no return on this investment. We can guarantee, however that you WILL learn a lot of usable and translatable strategies for success that, when followed by others, have achieved Life Changing results.

  4. You acknowledge and understand that the methods, processes and strategies taught in the DSS retreat constitute our Proprietary System which is confidential and which we claim copyright protection. We have spent considerable time and effort in developing this Proprietary Systems, which includes all materials associated with the DSS, all coaching strategies taught, and all associated coaching advice. You agree, to maintain the absolute confidence of our DSS and our Proprietary System and agree not to duplicate, disseminate, distribute or otherwise disclose any part to any 3rd parties, for any reason, unless it is part of the DSS retreat, or unless required by legal process. You further acknowledge that the Proprietary System and the Retreat(s) are and shall remain the property of Beyond Bliss Inc, and that you shall not infringe upon any part of the Proprietary System or DSS Retreat nor claim any part as your property, nor attempt to replicate or copy any part for you own competitive benefit. You further agree that your violation of this provision will cause substantial harm to Beyond Bliss Inc, and for which we may seek all legal redress, which may include an injunction or substantial damage.

  5. Should you fail to remit any of the required payments on time, and have not corrected the situation in a prompt manner, Beyond Bliss Inc may terminate further services, and you will be responsible for the remaining balance of the DSS Retreat. We may also terminate services if, in our sole opinion, You are conducting yourself in a manner which is disparaging or disruptive to Beyond Bliss Inc or infringes upon Beyond Bliss Inc or violates the confidentiality covenant stated above. In no event will any refunds be issued. 

  6. As part of my participation in this program, outside of private one on one coaching sessions, I agree that Kerry Tepedino and Beyond Bliss Inc may video record, audio record, photograph, or otherwise capture my likeness, voice, images, interviews, and statements made, and hereby assign to Kerry Tepedino and Beyond Bliss Inc all rights and title to have and to use, royalty free, any portion of my participation, for advertising and marketing purposes, documentary purposes, information purposes, training purposes, or any other related purposed for Beyond Bliss Inc. 


Disclaimer: The information in our products and programs is not intended as medical advice. Beyond Bliss, Inc and associations encourage every individual to be educated on health and make the best decisions based on their research and in partnership with a qualified health practitioner. 


By entering into this DSS Agreement, You agree to have read and understand the foregoing provisions and agree to be bound hereby. 


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The information on this website is not intended as medical advice. Kerry encourages every individual to be educated on health and make the best decisions based on their research and in partnership with a qualified health practitioner. The opinions on this website are Kerry Tepedino's, unless otherwise noted.