The Health Benefits of Watermelon

It is refreshing, sweet, and juicy. It has a distinct red and green color combination. It is a popular summer snack. What is it? It’s watermelon, of course!

Watermelon is a great fruit to munch on during the summer, but it has great benefits you can take advantage of all year round.  Each bite provides you not only with its sweet, delicious taste but also with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your body. This fruit also contains nutrients that help prevent illnesses caused by inflammation and can even prevent cancer cells from developing. Here are a few more health benefits of watermelon.

Watermelon keeps you hydrated

Have you noticed how watermelon can easily quench your thirst? That is because watermelon consists of about 90% water. This makes watermelon a sweet yet natural alternative to keep your body hydrated.

In addition, watermelon contains plenty of electrolytes. An electrolyte is a substance that carries a positive or negative charge. When it dissolves in the body fluid, an electrolyte is able to move electrical signals throughout the body. These signals are crucial for bodily functions like regulating blood pressure and rebuilding damaged tissue. Because of the electrolytes and high water concentration in watermelon, it is a good alternative to energy drinks.

Watermelon contains antioxidants

Daily intake of antioxidants is necessary to combat free radicals in the environment that cause the body oxidative stress. Fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, are great sources of these antioxidants. Watermelon, in particular, contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene gives fruits like tomatoes, guava, grapefruit, and watermelon their red pigment. It is believed to reduce the risk of cancer and lower the risk of heart diseases.

In addition, it has the antioxidant choline, which gives it anti-inflammatory properties. Choline helps the body maintain the structures of cellular membranes, transmits nerve impulses better, and assists in the absorption of fat.

Watermelon improves your skin

Due to its high water content, eating watermelon is a great way to keep the skin hydrated. Moreover, it has a number of vitamins and minerals that help give you healthy glowing skin.

Among its many nutrients, watermelon contains vitamin A, which helps moisturize your skin. Its vitamin C content encourages healthy collagen and elastin cells growth. It also contains carotene, which helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Watermelon reduces muscle soreness

Based on some studies, eating watermelon after an exercise will reduce your heart rate and lessen the dreaded next-day muscle pains. This is because watermelon contains the amino acids citrulline and arginine. These amino acids improve circulation and relax the blood vessels.

In addition, watermelon has anti-inflammatory properties. In a study, two cups of fresh blended watermelon were shown to be effective in relieving muscle pain. It is thus an effective aid to bodily inflammation and a better substitute for synthetic drugs.

Watermelon aids with weight loss

In addition to all its amazing benefits, watermelon is low in fat, sodium, and calories, making it a great natural way to get plenty of water and nutrients without the fear of weight gain. It is also a great source of fiber, which slows digestion and gives you a feeling of fullness.

Moreover, there are various ways to incorporate watermelon into your daily meals. You may eat it with a few other fruits like banana and pineapple, or you can blend it into a shake. You may also eat its seeds as snacks. Watermelon seeds contain protein, magnesium, vitamin B, and good fats. Its green rind is also edible and contains high concentrations of vitamins B and C.

The health benefits of watermelon

Watermelon is a great addition to the diet. Not only is it a low-fat, low-carb option, but it is also packed with plenty of great nutrients that keep your body hydrated and functioning at its peak.

Moreover, watermelon is such a versatile fruit. You can eat its flesh, its seeds, and even the green peel. Did you know that you can even juice or pickle watermelon rind to give it a texture, not unlike pickled cucumbers? In China, watermelon rinds are also stir-fried and stewed!

What’s your favorite watermelon recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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My Birthday = Anti-Aging Gift For You!

It’s my birthday and what I found this time around is that putting another number on me rubbed me a funny way.

I completely understand that age isn’t a number, it’s the way you feel that matters… and I feel a-ma-zing, but I am human and along with that comes a whole spectrum of emotions.

Luckily, my holistic lifestyle has allowed me to age gracefully and I want the same for you! Check out this quick video to find out my thoughts on aging and see what you can do for yourself!

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All my birthday love,

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How To Exercise Your Way To Youth

So, I have been doing a ton of reading lately on the benefits of exercise and how it can keep you sipping off the fountain of youth. I feel it is my duty to bring to you important info on health, just in case you don’t have time to dig for it yourself.

I pulled out some of the bullet points that stuck out for me in my research. Get the scoop below. The video is short and sweet… just like I know we all like it!

Now if that doesn’t get you movin’  I don’t know what will. Share these tips with your community by hitting those colorful icons below. I have made it super easy for you to do so… no work on your end.

Have fun groovin’ your bod and I will see ya real soon!


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Easily Age-Proof Your Skin!

As we get older our skin begins to tell stories of days past. A certain amount of this is normal. But there are ways to easily age-proof your skin and it doesn’t take much effort on your behalf. What it does take is a commitment to putting simple habits into place that will help your skin stay as spotless, smooth, and soft as possible.

Take a peek into a fun day of horseback riding with my family, where we made sure to take precautionary steps for a day in the sun.

10 Tips For Age-Proofing Your Skin:

  1. Wear a hat to protect your face, neck, and possibly shoulders when you know you will be outside at the beach, gardening, reading, or doing other outside activities.
  2. Wear a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF daily on your face, neck, and hands. Keep the bottle next to your toothbrush and apply it every morning. Apply generously and reapply at least once during the day, more if you are going into the water.
  3. Educate yourself on safe sunscreens by visiting Cut through all the marketing hype and discover which sunscreens are actually doing their job. Visit this link to see where your sunscreen rates in regards to the protection it is truly giving you:
  4. Stay in the shade as much as possible and minimize sun exposure between 10am-4pm.
  5. Use clothing as a key sun protection tool (long sleeved shirts and pants).
  6. Before applying make-up, splash cold water on your face. This will help tighten up your pores so that makeup does not sink into them, emphasizing wrinkles.
  7. Make sure to hydrate daily and even more so when you know you are going to be in the sun or heat for extended periods of time. Dehydrated skin shows fine lines and wrinkles even more! (AND hydrating can help you flush toxins out of your body that are storing fat!)
  8. Don’t forget to moisturize from the neck down as well! Our skin is our largest organ and even though it might not be exposed daily, we should still make sure that we don’t let it dry out!
  9. Exfoliate on a regular basis, not just your face but your whole body, to take off that scaly dry layer of skin. (Did you know that exfoliating your body supports your lymph system… and natural weight loss goals?)
  10. Accept the natural process of aging and claim it gracefully. Note that you are beautiful and

    your years make you wise.

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