Unfortunately, a good amount of our food these days is highly processed. And as they are mass-produced and sprayed with chemicals, much of the nutrients are lost. These nutrients are essential to our overall health. Turning to quality health supplements is a solution in regards to making sure you get the nutrients your body needs. It is important to note that a balanced diet cannot be replaced by supplements, but rather they should be used appropriately. There are a variety of reasons to use supplements besides aiding in a poor diet. Some examples for when they are helpful are before and after pregnancy, during times of heightened stress, to help physical performance, and assist weight loss.

Deciding if someone needs supplementation depends on the their specific situation. I always suggest that people do their own research in regards to their body’s needs. If you are concerned about contraindications with prescription medication, consult your physician.

FRESH TIP: Take vitamins and supplements with organic aloe juice versus water. Aloe is a better vehicle for absorption and allows supplements to stay in your body for twice as long, allowing you to leverage more of the benefits. Do not take prescription medications with aloe.

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