Success Stories

“I was desperate for help from a lifetime of chronic dieting…”

“Six months ago I didn’t believe that changing my mindset could help me lose weight…”

“I was always giving of myself, and never taking care of me…”

“The frenzy in my life has now gone away…”


“I am a movement-based arts educator. While I have knowledge about the body, movement and health, I could not seem to apply it to my own relationship to food. I was caught in a pattern of emotional eating, which caused self-criticism and embarrassment as well as extra weight.

Kerry helped me find my missing keys. She provided me with tools to release old fear and outmoded beliefs and to expand into self-forgiveness and deeper self-loving. After only six weeks, I am experiencing eating as an opportunity to be present and my body as sacred. I feel lighter and weigh less. My elimination has improved. I no longer crave sugar. What a blessing to be in a body-mind transformation.

I highly recommend Kerry Tepedino. She is a loving, committed, and brilliant teacher.”

– Taira Restar, MA, RSME


“I’m extremely grateful I met Kerry. Through her endless support, encouragement, insight, and coaching I broke through the mental, physical, and spiritual barriers that were holding me back from reaching my ideal body and weight goals. I’m so excited. I feel amazing everyday as I walk through my life in this physical body. Mahalo, Kerry!”

– Kahanu, Hawaii


“Weight is just melting off and Im not doing anything but following the recommendations Kerry is giving me. In only a few weeks, I’ve already lost 3-4 inches off my waist and hips I feel amazing!”

(UPDATE: 70 lbs lost; down at least 14 pant sizes!)

– Cheryl, Michigan

Deb Keller

“Kerry Tepedino has helped me immensely. In 7 short weeks I have not only lost 11 pounds (without dieting), but I have finally begun to recognize the ways I have always sabotaged myself in the past. I’m healing my body, mind, and emotions — something I didn’t really believe I could do until I met Kerry. Now, I know that I can, and I am, and I will continue! Kerry’s teaching, coaching and support make all the difference!”

– Deb, New Hampshire


“This has been a wonderful experience for me. I have lost a few pounds, but the greatest benefit I see is in my attitude towards myself and towards life. I am happier. I know the weight will come off as I continue to deal with my issues loving myself and caring for myself. This program addressed the core of my issues and I’m pleased to be continuing my work with Kerry on a private basis. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, if ever. Thanks, Kerry!”

– Ellen, California

“I started at 172 and now am 142! Thank you for all your love and support.You have turned my body into a detoxifying fat burning machine!”

– Monika, California


“Kerry was guided into my life at the perfect time! She is so enjoyable, encouraging, and easy to work with. She has taken “diet” right out of the picture and given me a lifestyle change. I love working with her.”

– Tracie, Michigan


“Kerry’s support in private and group coaching has been terrific. The message is clearly one of self-love, clarity, intention, steps to wellness, and motivation. Thanks, Kerry, for making this a great experience for me!”

– Amy, North Carolina

Kris Ward

“Kerry is the go-to lady for health, hands down but she also weaves in her own unique flavor of personal development into everything she does. Her clients love her because she holds such a nurturing space for them, no matter what transition they’re going through. Her authenticity and knowledge always shine through.”

– Kris Ward, Founder/CEO;

“Kerry Tepedino always amazing me! She is able to perfectly marry the holistic health approach to life with an entrepreneurial edge like nobody else out there. I know that for me, her messages are always very timely, and her delivery is easily digestible. She delivers something to everyone, every time!”

– Katlen Smith; Empowered Entrepreneurs, Inc.,

Tacy Singleterry

“I was feeling overwhelmed and out of balance with work, family and personal time. Kerry has helped me slow down and reconnect my mind, body and soul. She truly understands my needs and is helping me to find my life’s purpose to that I can take my business and life to the next level. And the best part is that all of this work is done in a safe and nurturing environment that Kerry provides. I am so grateful for Kerry’s guidance and mentoring.”

– Tacy Singleterry

Renata Bodon

“I love that Kerry helps us really think about the life that we want. And then helps us get to the root of what is stopping us from getting there. It isn’t just health coaching, it is life coaching. There is a huge difference between complaining about your problems and actually doing something about it. With Kerry’s help and guidance, I finally may have the answer to what is influencing my skin issues and energy slumps. There are many things I know I should be doing, with Kerry’s gentle nudge and support I can develop new habits and get moving on the things I know I need to do.”

– Renata Bodon

“Thank you, Kerry, for helping me realize that I need to get my priorities in order with my health and my life. I am now confident that as I devote myself to what I really want, I can make it happen. Your guidance and support has gently pushed me in the right direction. Thank you!”

– Jennifer Mullholand

Jennifer Mullholand
Jessica Tomlinson

“Thank you, Kerry, for helping me verbalize additional pieces of my grander vision. I am completely inspired, and can see a more crystallized path towards making all of my dreams a reality with consistent effort, while staying balanced. Hugs! xx”

– Jessica Tomlinson

Carrie Stockwell

“Working with Kerry has been an amazing experience for me. I went from a place of confusion in regards to what I want to create professionally and now am gaining a clear direction in building a business that I love. Not to mention, I have learned priceless tools in regards to healthy boundaries, following my passions, and prioritizing my needs. I recommend working with Kerry to anyone!”

– Carrie Stockwell

Erin Sorensen

“Kerry is a health practitioner who heals the whole self. She practices and believes that a person is truly well if all parts of their life are in balance…Her professionalism and knowledge of healing are apparent from the first encounter with her.”

– Erin Sorensen

“Working with Kerry really woke me up that it is time for change in my life. I have been called into action and am ready to stop letting life pass me by, but rather creating a life and the health that I love. Kerry is infectiously buoyant and made me realize somehow the “joy button on my life” got turned off.”

– Candace Ingram

Louise Julig

“I have been seeing Kerry every two weeks for about the past 8 months, and it has become a regular part of my wellness routine. She always asks what is going on with me since the last time I saw her, and is very attuned to what needs to be done today to help relieve stress…”

– Louise Julig

“When I heard about Kerry I knew I needed to connect with her. In only one call she delivered numerous tips and tools on lifestyle and health that will change the quality of my days immediately. I am so grateful for this gift. All of the information was vital to hear.”

– Molly Brown

“Kerry made me aware of the importance of food combining and how it can really impact my energy levels, focus, and concentration. I had no idea! With a few simple tweaks, many of my issues could be resolved!”

– Marleen Renders, Germany

“I was feeling stuck and scattered, but Kerry’s mentoring was so generous and grounding that it helped me move my business plans forward with more confidence and joy.”

– Jackie Valdez,

Jackie Valdez
Heather Furniss

“Working with Kerry was an empowering decision for me to know that I am worth investing in myself. When I started working with Kerry, I was tired and overwhelmed. Walking away from our sessions together I now have in place simple and effective tools in regards to setting healthy boundaries in my relationships, learning to say “No” to things that don’t light me up, time management, and knowing that I am worth creating a life that I love.”

– Heather Furniss

Denise Levine

“Kerry treats the whole person, listens to what the individual needs and asks questions…”

– Denise Levine

“Kerry gave me some great advice… She gave me tips on how to stay focused on living a healthy lifestyle and she was 100% sensitive to my every need!”

– Olivia Olesen

“…Every day I breathe more slowly and deeply. I am not as easily frustrated. I am more composed, tolerant, and considerate. Kerry… truly takes an interest in her client’s health and well-being.”

– Vembra Holnagel

“Kerry is MAGIC. She has paid her dues and studied from Masters.”

– Connie Coe

Debbie, Arizona

“After working with Kerry Tepedino for 8 weeks, I tried on a pair of shorts that I haven’t been able to wear in over 3 years and I can wear them now. I had tried them on a week ago and was able to get them on and zipped, but they were still too tight to wear. Today I am wearing them…woohoo!!! Thank you to Kerry and her support group.”

– Debbie, Arizona

Danielle, Australia

“Kerry has SO MANY things that other mentors didn’t have that I needed for results. She understands energy, nutrition, and really connects with her clients. It made such a HUGE difference for me to find all of these things in one coach. I lost 24 lbs in the first seven weeks of working with her and it wasn’t even hard, I just did what she told me. So many women need this!”

– Danielle, Australia

Angie, Florida

“I love working with Kerry! I feel as if I am finding myself again, some parts I didn’t even know before. Everything is falling into place with my health and relationships. She’s an inspiring coach that helps keep me on point with what is important and relevant to a fulfilling life! Thank you, bunches!”

– Angie, Florida

“The improvements in my health, body, mind and soul, have been many since working with Kerry Tepedino for a 7 month period. I’ve reduced my body fat percentage from 38% to 24%. I have several autoimmune diseases, which have improved as evidenced not just by the elimination or reduction in my symptoms but also by blood work. On the inflammation marker, CRP test, I previously measured a whopping 13. The ideal range is below 1, average is 1 to 3. Above that puts anyone at risk for heart attacks and strokes. It also indicates that problems exist somewhere in your body. The subsequent heart attack or stroke is a result of the long term, chronic inflammation in your body. Systemic inflammation is a silent killer. For those of us with autoimmune diseases, 10 is normal. So, I needed to reduce this inflammation marker to 10 or below. Presently, it’s now 3.3! I know I’ll get to 1 or below by continuing to follow Kerry’s program. Kerry’s program has been a real game changer for me because it showed me how to make these improvements and how to shift my mindset in order to achieve them. It provides me a safe and supportive environment to make and keep the lifestyle and mindset changes that keep me healthy and joyful. Most importantly for me is that I’ve learned techniques to attract and keep joy and love in my life. I’ve become more self aware, self confident and assertive. Once your mindset shifts, your body changes. My body truly is a reflection of my paradigm shift. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to transform their life and their body.”

– Carmen, Georgia

“My doctor is blown away by the of my blood tests. The program that Kerry put me on has stabilized my thyroid function and for the first time since seeing my doctor 3 years ago he said, “This is the best blood results I have seen in all the time you have been coming to me! I need to reduce your thyroid meds again and this is the lowest dose you have been on!” WOW WOW WOW doors are opening for me all the time! Thank you, Kerry!”

– Inge, Australia

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