Racheal Cook Reveals Her Health Strategy!

Yep, it is true… we really are giving you an inner-circle, behind-the-scenes look into our private lives and what helps keep us on track with our health and businesses. We are so glad you are here to hang out with us for this chat. We are here to serve you!

Enjoy the interview!

In May 2008, Racheal walked away from what some may consider an ideal life. Just days away from closing on her dream home, she was starting to feel claustrophobic.

Her financial planning practice was thriving – she had more clients and small businesses than she could handle, but all the money in the world didn’t make up for the fact that she was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled working with people who’s energy was focused on the bottom line, without regard to the impact.

When the panic attacks started and the adrenal fatigue really kicked in, she took a leave of absence, pulled out of the contract for the house, and took herself on her first health/yoga retreat. Yoga helped heal her body and spirit, allowing her a glimpse at the person she wanted to be.

It did not take long for her new business, The Yogipreneur, to be born, where she provides conscious business coaching to entrepreneurs. Just a few years later, The Yogipreneur has evolved into a conscious think tank, a lovely laboratory, a passionate playground where mindfulness and marketing skip hand-in-hand, providing training and resources to serve more people, while honoring family.

Racheal now enjoys being a mom to 2 toddler twins and helping her clients create businesses they love.

She is currently re-launching the Conscious Business Design program which is strategically designed to walk someone through the process of creation to implementation in their business. Gates and bonuses close on October 6, 2011, so don’t procrastinate in learning more about Conscious Business Design by clicking here.

Kerry Tepedino is an internationally trained Holistic Health Practitioner and entrepreneur. Having grown a successful private practice over the past ten years, she has expanded her work to a global market by creating the You-Defining-You Coaching Programs, as well as the Healthology Method, a holistic approach to total wellness.

You will find that Kerry’s approach to health and wellness is incredibly effective as it embraces every aspect of a person’s life, from nutrition all the way to relationships.

Having worked one-to-one with thousands of clients, Kerry is excited to take all of this valuable research and help as many people as possible through virtual coaching programs, online home study products, books, and speaking.

Kerry loves educating others on what is possible with their health and has spoken on many stages, has been featured on numerous radio shows, in magazines, and on successful blog sites.

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