the BELIEVE event

Join Hundreds of Women Who Have Been Courageous Enough To Say YES To Losing Weight & Having The Transformation Of Their Lives

The BELIEVE Event is three days of the BEST weight loss, mindset, and self-love training for women where Kerry shares the step-by-step process to find freedom from yoyo dieting and body bashing. 

Imagine a room of amazing women who have come together at this powerful event to connect and support one another’s transformations to living healthy, happy and having an amazing life. You are a direct reflection of the five people you hang around with the most, surround yourself with women moving in the right direction!

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Day 1 – Faith – Learn a cutting edge process that will help you attain incredible health physically, mentally, and emotionally and have a TRUST and KNOWING that it can work for you! Women that have used this process have lost weight, built their confidence, learned to trust themselves, stopped emotional eating, lowered stress, improved relationships, made more money, and more!

Day 2 – Grace – Learn to apply the new process from Day 1 into your own life with simple elegance, so being healthy and happy is no longer a struggle for you! Hear from women, just like you, exactly how they applied the process and achieved results with their weight, health, relationships, and money that they had only dreamed of!

Day 3 – Perseverance – Master steadfastness in everything you have learned at BELIEVE, so it’s your new NATURAL way of being, leading to achieving lasting success with your Big Dream Life without delay.


  • Kerry Tepedino has made her mark in the health industry. She is a best­selling author and one of the leading health coaches in the world.
  • Kerry came from a background of a dysfunctional relationship to food, eating and her body, which led her to be overweight and unhappy.
  • She came to a defining moment in her life where she had to make a decision to continue on unhappy and burned out… or find the freedom that her soul was craving.
  • Through deep study of holistic health, yoga, meditation, breath work, nationally and internationally, including studying with swamis around the world, Kerry created a process that helped lift her from rock bottom to where she is today… at her ideal weight with no effort, happy, healthy, and living a life she loves.
  • She now serves thousand of women worldwide to lose weight, love themselves, change their mindsets, and create total life transformations.

Are you ready to make this transformation? RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW 

The BELIEVE Event is unique because the purpose of it is to give you a clear step-­by­-step process and easy to follow strategies that you can implement immediately to feel positive results. 

This is the exact process that Kerry and thousands of other women have used to lose weight and transform their relationship to food and eating, plus attain body freedom…

…AND those in attendance have the chance to win an amazing opportunity to work with Kerry for FREE!

But you have to make a DECISION
and then take action on that decision.

The BELIEVE Event is the key to you feeling good in your skin again.

That is FREEDOM and it will all be mapped out for you at The BELIEVE Event.

Hundreds of women have already taken the leap and created the body and life of their dreams.

They are no different than you… join them!

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Ready to claim your ticket? Please click RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW 

If you know you are meant to be happy and healthy, don’t miss this RARE OPPORTUNITY!

The BELIEVE Event Travel Information:
Come join us in San Diego, California! 

Hotel: Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina In the Bay Tower , 1590 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101, United States.
Dates: January 19th – 21st, 2018
Instructions on how to book your hotel room at the discounted rate will be sent to you after you register for the event.

We can’t wait to see you there!!

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Global Health Summit Starts June 5th!

The #1 Diet Free Weight Loss Summit is BACK! Wahooo! Hosting the top health and personal development experts on the planet, we are so excited to share our 4th annual free online event with you that has supported nearly 32,000 people worldwide!

The focus of this powerful online event is to give you access to the exact information you need to stop dieting, end emotional eating, let go of food fear, heal your body, master your mindset, and do it in a way that has NOTHING to do with restriction and deprivation!

What you need to do is click here now to reserve your spot and get in the loop.

And don’t forget to SHARE this information forward with your friends and family… they deserve to get happy and healthy too!

All my love,


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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: You Asked, We Listened..

Happy New Year!!

You Asked, We Listened
(grab your gift below, under the before and after pictures of our clients)

We have personally reached out to some you to ask you what additional support you need to lose weight in this brand new year.

Many of you said that you want support staying on track with your weight loss resolution, so we have put together a very special LIVE online event for you, which will happen NEXT TUESDAY.

It’s called “Staying On Track With Your Weight Loss: 5 Failproof Steps To Hit Your Goals” and here’s why it’s important for you…

  • 95% of people fail at their New Year’s goals by January 15th! This training will get you past the point you quit on yourself, so you can reach your weight goal.
  • I want to give you a few small tweaks to what you’re currently doing that will help you reap massive weight loss results, so you can start your New Year CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED!
  • Get your easy-to-follow blueprint on how to marry the inner work to the science aspect of weight loss, and stop the crazy conversation that keeps you yoyo dieting for decades.
  • This 5-step rinse and repeat system will turn you into an Intuitive Eater (know how to eat when you’re physically hungry, not emotionally hungry) and understand how to lose weight naturally and keep it off.

I’ve been working hard on this content and I’m excited to reveal it to you, because I often hear from women that they know WHAT to do to lose weight, but they just aren’t doing it.

There’s a reason for this.

It’s because crucial elements of your Transformation Weight Loss Formula have been missing, and there’s a UNIQUE way that they need to be integrated for lasting weight loss.

So Tuesday, January 17th, I’m unveiling your next important step in the BRAND NEW online event called Staying On Track With Your Weight Loss: 5 Failproof Steps To Hit Your Goals.

You do NOT want to miss this if you’re serious about attaining FREEDOM with your weight this year.


Enough To Be There.

(you’re worth it)

If you want proof that this approach works, check out these testimonials from some of our clients…




“I fit into my pants this week that I haven’t been able to wear for two years!!! I feel so HOT!!!”

– Iris, Canada

(Update: She’s lost an additional 10 pounds since she wrote this!)





And then there’s Jill…

“If you follow what the amazing Kerry teaches, it really works. I struggled for most of my life with my weight, insecurities, fear, etc., but with Kerry’s help I began to learn what it meant to love myself and how to nurture me. The focus was no longer about my weight and that is when it started to come off. Losing 75 lbs was only one of the many amazing things that have occurred over the past couple of years! Love this tribe and love you, Kerry!”        – Jill, USA



I’m extremely grateful I met Kerry. Through her endless support, encouragement, insight, and coaching I broke through the mental, physical, and spiritual barriers that were holding me back from reaching my ideal body and weight goals. I’m so excited. I feel amazing everyday as I walk through my life. Mahalo, Kerry!” – Kahanu, Hawaii
“I started at 172 lbs and now am 142!Thank you for all your love and support. You have turned my body into a detoxifying fat burning machine!”

– Monika, California


To Find Out Exactly What They Did,

Follow These Steps…  

– STEP 1: Reserve your spot by clicking below.. (feel free to share with your friends)
 – STEP 2: Put the date on your calendar NOW, so you don’t double book.
Title:Staying On Track With Your Weight Loss: 5 Failproof Steps To Hit Your Goals
Time: Tuesday, January 17th at 4 PST/ 7pm EST  (60 minutes)
– STEP 3: White list This will ensure additional call-in information doesn’t go to your spam.
I will be very honest with you… you want to come to this training LIVE if you are serious about reaching your weight loss goal.


I believe in you and I know you can do this!


I’m here for you!

All my love,

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Global Health Summit

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 3.50.40 PM

COME JOIN OVER 13,200 OTHER PEOPLE FOR THIS FREE GIFT! It’s that time of year again where we are hosting the Global Health Summit!!! It’s a FREE gift for you and it’s inspired by some of the best health experts on the planet who have dedicated their lives to helping you understand how you can attain your ideal weight and health, stop emotional eating, master your mindset, and find true self love.

This is a free resource for any women who has the desire to stop yoyo dieting once and for all and make peace with her body, food, and eating.  This is for women who have tried everything on the market in regards to weight loss and are continuously left feeling deflated and depressed with their results.

I know that living in a place where you aren’t happy with who you are is HARD. I used to be overweight, had an obsession with food and eating, and was never happy with what I looked like.

It’s a painful way to live but I found a way out of it and you can too.

The information that you will get from this video series will help you.


I went out and collected a group of exceptional health experts who are demystifying weight loss, optimal health, and stress management, so you can streamline your process to feeling happy and healthy, even by the time this video series is finished.

With that being said I’d like to gift you the Global Health Summit as a resource so you can get over any hurdles to losing weight and allowing yourself to create a life that you truly love.

To get access click here so I can send you an immediate email explaining all the details on how we are going to get started w the summit and how to get access to each 30 minute interview from the comfort of your own home.

I can’t support to support your transformation!

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Global Health Summit 2015 Unveiled!


The Doors Have Opened To The Online Event Of The YEAR!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a MAJOR trend happening in the weight loss industry that’s allowing people to actually lose weight FASTER and EASIER than ever before.

The best part about this trend is that it’s based on elements that you have at your fingertips.

It’s about becoming and staying CONSCIOUS on your weight loss journey.

Gone are the days of restriction and deprivation. The NEW way allows you to be who you are, eat delicious food, and let go of the obsessiveness that has haunted you. No dieting or over exercising required.

I invite you to stop struggling.

If you’ve ever felt trapped by resistance then you want to join this FREE event that I’m excited to be hosting. It’s a unique opportunity to get inside the minds of some of the most POWERFUL health experts on the PLANET, so you can stop just wishing for weight loss and you can actually make it happen!

—-> Register now for the online event of the YEAR… the 2015 Global Health Summit: Transformational & Lasting Weight Loss Series.

Reserve your spot today, and share this email with your friends, as the event will only be offered for a limited time!

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