Doors Now Open – Perfect Health Mastery 2018

Recently I hosted a 3-day Women’s event, The BELIEVE Event, for those who are ready to take a stand and make a change in their lives. I was both inspired and honored by their choice to make 2018 their best year ever.

Many women reached out to us wishing they could join, ready to change their lives, but were unable to travel to San Diego for the event. So I am excited to announce that we are opening up our group coaching program, Perfect Health Mastery, starting March 19th… but only for a select group of women who are committed to making 2018 their turnaround year.

Instead of wasting another year trying to figure it out on your own, decide that enough is enough and do whatever it takes to get healthy, lose weight if you need to, feel amazing, and make this the year that literally changes the entire direction of your life.

It’s truly up to you to make the DECISION to stop all the excuses and start living the life you have always wanted. It’s designed to help women who are serious about getting HAPPY and HEALTHY, so they never yo-yo again and they feel EMPOWERED. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about being truly healthy.


  1. Women who are SERIOUS about getting happy and healthy, and if needed finally losing unwanted weight and taking control of their health.
  2. Must be able to commit and participate in a program that includes weekly group trainings, all done from the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world. Trainings are recorded for those instances that you cannot make it live, or you’re in an international time zone.
  3. Must be willing to implement. I’ve created an amazingly supportive environment where these women will be sharing feedback and success stories with each other throughout their healing journey – you’re not going to be in this alone ever again.
  4. I’m NOT looking for women interested in a magic pill solution, dangerous method for losing weight, or women with a victim mentality who blames others for their situation, but rather are EXCITED to get back in the driver’s seat of her own life!


  1. A complete step-by-step system to show you the right and safe way to get healthy and get empowered. (This exact process has worked for me and hundreds before you. There’s no reason it can’t work for you too.)
  2. Access to additional training and coaching sessions. I want to make sure no rock is left unturned. You will get additional coaching and training calls to make sure every question you have is answered in this program.
  3. Complete access to our exclusive, private online forum where you can get coaching and support DAILY.
  4. The opportunity to attend this course from the comfort of your own home, heavily reducing the cost of multiple trips and hotel fees. It’s 95% virtual, with BY INVITE ONLY live events, which you will get a VIP pass to.

I’m Interested, What’s next?

If you’re serious about finally getting your health under control and want a supportive environment with the opportunity to get all your questions answered, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

We opened spots over the next few days to talk to me or one of our coaches, to see if this is a good fit for you. Check now to see if we have a spot left…


If it’s a good fit, I’d love to work together and help you start 2018 STRONG, so your health and weight loss struggle is a thing of the past!

I understand you may be scared about making this commitment, and I realize that your weight loss success, happiness, level of abundance, and joy in your relationships only grow when YOU choose to grow.  Talk to us NOW if you’re interested…


There’s no reason to hold yourself back any longer!

Perfect Health Mastery is the key to making all of this happen for you. I will give you the EXACT STRATEGIES, the accountability, and the undying support so you CAN’T fail this time!

You will literally walk away from the self-sabotage habits that have been holding you back and create a future for yourself that is UNSTOPPABLE.

The confusion on what is your next step with weight loss and self-love will vanish, the veil will lift in regards to how to retain your transformation, and you will discover a world for yourself that you hoped was possible.

The women in Perfect Health Mastery are currently getting breakthroughs that are leading them down this path and you can too!

Our time is limited, so if you’re interested hurry and grab a spot to talk to me or one of our coaches to see if this is the perfect next step for you. You don’t want to miss this chance.

This year can be the year you change your life.

I BELIEVE in you.


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Detoxing For Natural Weight Loss

Throughout our lives, our body accumulates toxins that cause a lot of problems, both physically and psychologically. These impurities come from pollutants and synthetic materials present in our environment. This accumulation can cause issues like depression, fat build-up, hypertension, and even cancer. As so, it is crucial to undergo an appropriate detoxing process to clear our body of impurities, especially if we aim for natural, holistic weight loss.

However, detoxing is not just about drinking juices or doing cleanses to clean up the system for losing weight. It is an important part of developing holistic habits for a healthy lifestyle.

How To Detox

There are several ways to detox. According to Ayurvedic traditions, you should detox by following “seasons.” Think about the preparations you do when the seasons are about to change and the different activities you do during them. In the same way, learn about the rhythms of your body when it comes to flushing out toxins. By listening to what your body is telling you, you become more attuned to what it needs and what you need to do to support it.

Moreover, a holistic detox also tackles the negative perceptions and thoughts you have imbibed through the years. In our everyday life, it is inevitable for us to take in negativity through our daily activities and connections. As so, we need to take the time to really reflect and choose the healthy thoughts that will sustain us daily.

The Detox Process: Preparation and Support

A detox is great for the system. However, it is can also shock the body, especially if the one doing the detox didn’t properly prepare for it.

There are people who would try to follow very strict and well-defined routines when it comes to their diet and physical activity. They may even go all the way and even refrain from using gadgets and social media to complete their detox.

While this sounds great in principle, it can actually be harmful in the long run. For one thing, your body may undergo massive changes you’re not used to, and this may be disconcerting for the first few days. In addition, once your system is “clean,” you have to be careful about what you take in following the detox. For example, a massive influx of synthetic substances from non-healthy sources after detoxing may end up making you sick.

In addition, a holistic detoxing is not a one-time thing. It is about regular flushing out of impurities from our system and is thus a habit that needs to be established. It is important to develop the motivation and discipline needed in order to incorporate it in our lifestyles.

All this seems a lot of work, but that is why getting the right support is so important. By working with a community and the right professionals, you will be able to work on your detoxification process the right way while keeping you on track for your own weight loss goals.

Detoxing For Natural Weight Loss

Detoxing for natural weight loss is not just about fasting, cleanses, or meditation. It is about following your body’s rhythm, doing adequate preparation, and involving yourself with people who could help you in your detox process.

Your turn! Do you have a favorite go-to detox method? What are your thoughts on detoxing as a whole? Let me know in the comments below!

Moreover, have you been looking for a positive community to support you for your goals? Message me at today to find out how we can cheer you on in your personal goals for weight loss!

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The Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is popular for its great zing, but it offers more than just a nice flavor to your drinks and dishes. As a matter of fact, it has plenty of benefits to our health. Did you know that lemon helps with gallstones, regulates body temperature, and even reduces the risk of stroke?

Lemon also has a number of nutrients in it, from vitamins A, B6, C, and E to minerals such as copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, and many more. Here are a few of the other health benefits of lemon.

Lemon Has A Cleansing Effect

Lemon serves as a natural laxative. It increases peristalsis in the bowels and helps reset your digestive system. In addition, lemon prevents digestive problems like constipation. As so, lemon has an effective cleansing effect on the body. By drinking lemon water mixed with honey in the morning, you can effectively clear your body of wastes, giving you a great way to start the day.

Lemon is Great for Your Skin

Lemon is a great addition to your skincare regimen. Its natural fruit acids can lighten age spots and remove dead skin cells. It also serves as an anti-aging remedy. Moreover, its benefits may be absorbed both internally and externally. For example, you can use the lemon peel on your face as a skin tonic or use it as a scrub.

Lemon Can Help Prevent and Treat Kidney Stones

Lemon’s tartness comes from its citric acid, which can help to prevent the accumulation of kidney stones. Moreover, according to health experts, this acid can reduce the risk of calcium stone development in your kidneys.

Lemon Helps With Blood Circulation

Lemon can help you regulate your blood pressure, thanks to its potassium content. Notably, this can help you as well with nausea, dizziness, and even stress reduction, being thus helpful for mental stress and even depression. Moreover, lemon has coagulant and antiseptic properties. As so, it helps stop internal bleeding and helps with blood clots.

Lemon Can Help for Weight Loss

Besides its cleansing effect, lemon can be helpful for weight loss due to its effect on your metabolism. Adding lemon to your food or your water helps give you a boost while aiding your body in producing energy.

The Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon has plenty of wonderful benefits. Not only does it lend its refreshing flavor to a dish, but it also has many powerful effects on the body.

Your turn! What do you think of lemon? Do you have a favorite lemon-infused recipe? In what ways do you use lemon? Let me know in the comments below!

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Avoiding Diet Mentality

Beliefs are powerful in shaping our reality. Our belief systems are basically rooted from society and conditioned by culture, religion, family and other factors. They affect our attitude, behavior, and even our health. In total, our beliefs shape us to become who and we are.

As so, our thoughts can and will have an effect on us, especially when we want to lose weight. In particular, we can be affected by what is known as “diet mentality,” a mindset that we develop and carry with us all our life. In order for us to have effective weight loss, it is important to understand and avoid this diet mentality.

What is Diet Mentality?

Diet mentality is the sum total of your beliefs when it comes to your diet and your body. These are your thoughts on your “ideal weight” and what you should be doing in order remain that way. They may have come from your upbringing or, perhaps, ingrained into your subconsciousness due to social conditioning.

Common diet mentality thoughts include:

  • I have to count calories to lose weight
  • I have to weigh my food to lose weight
  • I have to work out really hard 7 days a week to maintain my weight loss

In truth, society has gone through many different fads when it comes to dieting and weight loss. However, the problem with this is that most of these thoughts are not true. You do not have to count calories to lose weight. You do not have to weigh your food every time. You do not need to stop eating non-fat and real-fat versions of food.

How Do You Avoid Diet Mentality?

The first thing you need to do is to understand your own diet mentality. Remember, thoughts precede action, so you are actually shaping your body through your thoughts. What your mind is thinking about is what your body is going to react to.

A very simple but powerful exercise is to take 5 minutes to write down all of your thoughts on weight loss. Write everything down, unfiltered. This will help you look and really see what your beliefs are telling you. Moreover, by writing it down, you can go through each one and turn each of them around one by one.

Here are a few examples:

  • “I have to restrict calories to lose weight.”
    • Turn it around by saying, “I can eat what I want. I just need to listen to my body and listen to what it asking for.”
  • “I have to weigh my food to lose weight.”
    • Turn it around by saying, “I am tuning into my body and I listen to when it is full,” and, “My body will reach its natural weight when I am not overeating.”

Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to really start listening to what your body is telling you. So get clear on what they are, write them down, and turn them around.

Avoiding Diet Mentality

It can be so easy to fall into bad patterns thanks to your thoughts. Thus, it is imperative to stem bad behaviors and the diet mentality in order to really work on your weight loss goals.

Your turn! What diet mentality do you have and how do you think you can resolve it? Let me know in the comments below!

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the BELIEVE event

Join Hundreds of Women Who Have Been Courageous Enough To Say YES To Losing Weight & Having The Transformation Of Their Lives

The BELIEVE Event is three days of the BEST weight loss, mindset, and self-love training for women where Kerry shares the step-by-step process to find freedom from yoyo dieting and body bashing. 

Imagine a room of amazing women who have come together at this powerful event to connect and support one another’s transformations to living healthy, happy and having an amazing life. You are a direct reflection of the five people you hang around with the most, surround yourself with women moving in the right direction!

To claim your ticket, please click RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW

Day 1 – Faith – Learn a cutting edge process that will help you attain incredible health physically, mentally, and emotionally and have a TRUST and KNOWING that it can work for you! Women that have used this process have lost weight, built their confidence, learned to trust themselves, stopped emotional eating, lowered stress, improved relationships, made more money, and more!

Day 2 – Grace – Learn to apply the new process from Day 1 into your own life with simple elegance, so being healthy and happy is no longer a struggle for you! Hear from women, just like you, exactly how they applied the process and achieved results with their weight, health, relationships, and money that they had only dreamed of!

Day 3 – Perseverance – Master steadfastness in everything you have learned at BELIEVE, so it’s your new NATURAL way of being, leading to achieving lasting success with your Big Dream Life without delay.


  • Kerry Tepedino has made her mark in the health industry. She is a best­selling author and one of the leading health coaches in the world.
  • Kerry came from a background of a dysfunctional relationship to food, eating and her body, which led her to be overweight and unhappy.
  • She came to a defining moment in her life where she had to make a decision to continue on unhappy and burned out… or find the freedom that her soul was craving.
  • Through deep study of holistic health, yoga, meditation, breath work, nationally and internationally, including studying with swamis around the world, Kerry created a process that helped lift her from rock bottom to where she is today… at her ideal weight with no effort, happy, healthy, and living a life she loves.
  • She now serves thousand of women worldwide to lose weight, love themselves, change their mindsets, and create total life transformations.

Are you ready to make this transformation? RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW 

The BELIEVE Event is unique because the purpose of it is to give you a clear step-­by­-step process and easy to follow strategies that you can implement immediately to feel positive results. 

This is the exact process that Kerry and thousands of other women have used to lose weight and transform their relationship to food and eating, plus attain body freedom…

…AND those in attendance have the chance to win an amazing opportunity to work with Kerry for FREE!

But you have to make a DECISION
and then take action on that decision.

The BELIEVE Event is the key to you feeling good in your skin again.

That is FREEDOM and it will all be mapped out for you at The BELIEVE Event.

Hundreds of women have already taken the leap and created the body and life of their dreams.

They are no different than you… join them!

Looking for more information? Check out

Ready to claim your ticket? Please click RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW 

If you know you are meant to be happy and healthy, don’t miss this RARE OPPORTUNITY!

The BELIEVE Event Travel Information:
Come join us in San Diego, California! 

Hotel: Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina In the Bay Tower , 1590 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101, United States.
Dates: January 19th – 21st, 2018
Instructions on how to book your hotel room at the discounted rate will be sent to you after you register for the event.

We can’t wait to see you there!!

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