The Power of Thankfulness

With all the many things happening in our life, it can be difficult to find something to be thankful for every day. But the truth is, these times are exactly the times when having a grateful heart matters the most.

Note however that having a grateful heart isn’t simply about saying “thank you” all the time.

Being in thankfulness is a habit. It is something you develop by being conscious about your experiences. It is about being present and open to everything that may come your way. It is about looking at everything as a gift and not a challenge, something to be truly thankful for, no matter what its effects may be in your life.

What’s even better is that living with a grateful heart not only brings joy to the soul but also has a lot of wonderful benefits to your life and the people around you.

First, gratitude helps us overcome hardships.

By being thankful for what you have, it helps give you perspective on what is happening right in front of you right now. Instead of seeing your problems as difficulties, you can see them as stepping stones to something greater that is in store for you.

Second, gratitude is good for your health.

There have been numerous studies made on the connection between a thankful heart and a healthy one. For example, a 2015 study showed that among people with heart damage, those with higher gratitude scores had betters moods, better sleep quality, and less heart inflammation.

Also, living with gratitude can contribute to having a more positive outlook, which helps with your overall mental health. It has also been seen that people who were more gracious were more likely to adopt healthy behaviors and seek help when it comes to health-related concerns.

Lastly, gratitude strengthens your relationships.

As humans, we all thrive on our relationships. The key to creating strong ties lies in communication, particularly positive ones. Being in gratitude helps with just that. By being truly thankful for others through your words and actions, you help give them positive reinforcement and strengthen your bonds.

As wonderful being thankful can be, it is something that you actually have to practice until it becomes a habit. The first step to that is developing a gratitude mindset, which I talk about more in this blog post.

Once you have accepted this gratitude mindset in your life, you too will soon reap its many benefits for you and the people around you.

Your turn! What are you thankful for today? Let me know in the comments below!

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