3 Ways to Say Goodbye to the Food Police in You

Do you remember the times when you needed to analyze every food item you grabbed in the grocery? You couldn’t only calculate the cost of what you bought, but also the number of calories such food would give you – just to make sure you don’t go over your desired weight.

It’s fine to know what you’re feeding your body. But if this kind of self-talk is common in your daily life, it’s time to face the chatty food police head on.

You may think the food police in you – the voice that “knows” what you should and shouldn’t eat – is doing what’s best for you. Actually, it’s doing the opposite.

It’s that voice that blames you and shames you when you take a small bite of chocolate cake. It makes you feel guilty for doing what’s actually fine for you to do.

So how do you stop the food police? Here are some ways you should practice.

Be self-aware

When you often hang out with the food police, you may lose your own perception of yourself. You may always be listening carefully to the police’s dos and don’ts that you end up hating yourself when you commit a tiny mistake.

Realize who you are, what you like, your thoughts, your emotions, and everything else about you. Know that you’re not a bad person just because you bought coffee with milk in it.

Enjoy discovering

Feed yourself with whatever food you want to try. Understand what every item is made of, but don’t obsess on every ingredient that should or shouldn’t be in there.

Most of the time, you’ll find tasty treats that you’ll love, which at the same time makes your body feel good too. So take your time and enjoy the process.

Create an ally

Instead of being with a food police force that’s always on the lookout on what’s supposed to be good and bad for you, have a nutrition ally that can understand your choices.

The nutrition ally will be there to guide you in picking the best foods for your body, while also telling you that it’s fine when you’re craving for a pizza. It knows how to honor your body with healthy food, but it doesn’t judge you when you simply want ice cream.

Say goodbye to the food police in you

Eating shouldn’t be this crazy that you’ll reach the point of self-hate. We don’t need to suffer just because of a certain diet. Keep yourself free to eat whatever is good for your body. Do research on healthy choices you may like. So say goodbye to the police food in you, while keeping everything in moderation and not forgetting to love yourself.

Your turn! Have you had a talk with the food police in you lately? Or have you made a nutrition ally that’s been helpful in your journey? Let me know in the comments below!

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